The Republican Party is a right wing extremist party

Trump continues to use official events for political purposes

His campaign should pay when he turns a presidential event into a rally. Reelection is his top priority.

Washington Post article

Republicans treat elected Democrats like unelected officials

The Trump cult is quick to bash officials or judges they don’t agree with as “unelected”. Let’s look aat how they treat elected officials if they are Democrats:

1) Many of them treated President Obama as unelected because of the fake birther conspiracy theory endorsed by Trump

2) In North Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin, voters elected Democratic governors and Republican-majority legislatures. The legislatures then tried to reduce the power of the governors.

3) The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, was passed by elected legislators in the House and Senate and signed by an elected president. Yet, Republicans never accepted that. They tried and failed to overturn it in Congress. Now, they’re trying in the courts.

The Republican party is extremely conservative

Democrats are moderate/liberal