Democrats don’t have an advantage in the electoral college

Trump has repeatedly said that Democrats have an advantage in the electoral college.  That’s not true.

For example (in this analysis in The Nation):

“Gallup has identified 11 “strong Republican” states where support for the GOP outstrips support for the Democratic party by at least 10 percent. These states have 65 percent more representation in the Electoral College than they would if electoral votes were distributed evenly. ”

I am in favor of ending the Electoral College.  Twice in five elections in the 2000s, their results differed from the popular vote.

Here’s a column advocating keeping the Electoral College from an unexpected source – Al Gore’s former campaign chairman.

“What’s wrong with the Democratic Party and how do we fix it?” is looking for answers to those questions.

I sent them this in an email:

Here are my thoughts which are too long to leave on a voice message

  • Focus on issues

Anti-Trump is not a winning message.  We saw that in 2016.  People knew he wasn’t qualified but voted for him anyway.  Why?  Because of issues such as abortion.

I’m sure you have polls that show what voters are interested in such as health care, jobs, gun safety, income inequality, bigotry, the environment, etc.  Focus on what voters are interested in.  Don’t focus on Russia and Stormy Daniels.  That doesn’t affect everyday living.

  • Have a central online location for donations and information about issues

I’m tired of getting email, paper mail and requests for contributions from so many overlapping groups.  I disregard a lot of it because I get so much.  I suggest having a central clearing house similar to the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employee charitable donations.  Within the one site, you could designate which component(s) you want to send funds to.  ActBlue seems like a start.

  • Try to use TV appearances to focus on issues.

Most times when I see Democrats on TV, they are being asked about what they think of the day’s Trump tweets or action.  They need to respond to that but that also need to show how Democratic positions would be different than cutting health care and taxes for the wealthy.

  • Trump is already running for 2020. Democrats deserve equal time.

When he gives a speech that is part or all an election speech (which is most of them), Democrats should ask for equal time from TV networks comparable to the time they showed Trump focusing on politics rather than presidential stuff.  He has a huge head start in getting his message out.  Democrats should designate a few people to give the responses.  (I’m thinking of something like shorter versions of the response to the State of the Union address.)  Trump is brilliant at sucking up all of the TV time – Democrats need to fight this.

  • Do not focus on impeachment (as things stand now).

I think that will only motivate the Republicans and it will fail in the long run.   Concentrate on supporting the Mueller investigation and we’ll see how it plays out.

  • Let’s make the elections fair.

Do focus on getting out the vote, fighting voter suppression and fighting gerrymandering.

  • Be wary of how Republicans may respond if they lose the House of Representatives.

Trump is already talking about voter fraud, especially in CA.  Remember that he said the election was rigged and only committed to accepting the results if he won.  The Republicans will never voluntarily accept the new map in PA.  Make sure to point out that it was a victory for fairness, not for Democrats.

This is the scenario that concerns me:

Imagine if the Democrats win the House by 2 or 3 and  pick up 4 or 5 seats in PA and/or CA.  Do you really think Trump and his conspiracy theory-supporting followers will accept the results?  Remember, many of these people believe in things like Pizzagate, the birther movement, and that mass shootings didn’t happen.  Do you think it would be hard to convince them that there was voter fraud.

Thanks for letting me rant.

update:  This looks like a good start.


The Republican governor of Kentucky said that the teachers protest led to sexual assault of a child

How can you talk with people who talk like this?  The governor of Kentucky said “I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them,” because Kentucky teachers participated in a protest.  This is not a rational argument on issues.  This is nonsense.  Sad!

Demographic shifts and their impact on future presidential elections

This article discusses a recent study on projected demographic shifts and their impact on future elections.  The article notes “One conclusion is that the country should be braced for repeats of what has happened twice in the past five presidential campaigns — a popular vote outcome different from the electoral college result. ”

I am in favor of abolishing the electoral college for exactly this reason.  The person with the most votes should be the winner!