Democrats are much more interested in compromise than Republicans

Wealthy donors influence elections

Citizens United was a terrible Supreme Court decision that opened the door for much more private money to be spent on elections. See the examples below.

You can’t discuss issues without an agreement on facts

See this tweet and my reply. I think this post is well-intended but not realistic. Also, see the replies I got from the Trump cult. I could have been clearer in the second one. I meant “because of Trump” because he has caused both extreme love and extreme hatred for him and his ideas. I haven’t seen anything like this before.

Wisconsin Republicans block the Democratic governor from making appointments

I’m sure other Republican legislatures will do this.

Polls on how Democrats and Republicans see each other

Red states vs. blue states

Misleading tweet on abortion polls

The question should be how many people want a complete ban on abortion which is what the Alito draft proposes. Kerr’s tweet is very misleading because he includes people who want abortion but with restrictions. That’s not what’s being offered by Alito. Alito’s position has very little support. This is not a deep division.