The new right-wing buzzword is “coup”

This is right-wing nonsense and an attempt to deflect attention from the real investigations of Trump and Russia. Are they going to call it a coup if Trump loses in 2020? I think that’s where they could be headed. They may say the deep state stole the election. I don’t want to sound paranoid but I don’t put anything past them.

They’ll use this in 2020 if Trump loses.

Democrats are holding politicians to a higher standard

Northam must go but Republicans should shut up

Republicans can’t talk:

Trump is a bigot.

Steve King is a bigot.

Several southern Republicans made racist statements during the 2018 elections and were elected.

McConnell posed with a Confederate flag.

None of this excuses Northam’s behavior but since Republicans tolerate racism, they can’t talk about the Democrats.

Northam should resign

House condemns Steve King

The House condemned Steve King.  What took them so long?  He didn’t just become a racist last week.  Of course, they won’t condemn the bigot in the White House.  Trump didn’t condemn King either and has claimed he didn’t know about the issue.