Republicans won’t compromise so Democrats shouldn’t either

You can’t compromise with people like Mitch McConnell who steal Supreme Court seats. Trump thinks of everything in terms of winning and losing – that leaves no room for a compromise that would give something to both sides.

I have given up. Democrats have to win the presidency and both houses of Congress and give the Republicans some of their own medicine. I would be fine with compromising if I thought Republicans would do it too but it’s clear that they won’t.

It looks like Democratic voters have figured out that compromise is not possible. Now we need elected officials to understand this, too.

Why Republicans don’t compromise.

This is an excellent article which shows that Republicans don’t value compromise. I am sure the situation has gotten worse as polarization has increased.

A question for concealed carry supporters

Concealed carry supporters want to be able to carry concealed weapons in states that ban that if it is legal in their home state. Would they feel the same way about marijuana? If it’s legal in my state, is it alright for me to smoke it anywhere? I’m sure they would say no which exposes their hypocrisy. They’re big on states rights as long as you follow the laws of their state. Sad!

Republicans attack AOC

She’s their new Hillary Clinton on Nancy Pelosi. Notice how they attack women. Their chant last night is frightening.

I think she’s very smart and have been impressed by her public remarks and questions at hearings. I don’t agree on everything but she knows the issues and background.

The new right-wing buzzword is “coup”

This is right-wing nonsense and an attempt to deflect attention from the real investigations of Trump and Russia. Are they going to call it a coup if Trump loses in 2020? I think that’s where they could be headed. They may say the deep state stole the election. I don’t want to sound paranoid but I don’t put anything past them.

They’ll use this in 2020 if Trump loses.