Republican fondness for Putin has doubled

24% of Republicans approve of a man who meddled in our election.  That’s disgusting.

I am not a big fan of Nancy Pelosi either but she has not murdered people, locked thousands of people up, etc. like Kim has.

Sarah Sanders asked to leave restaurant

I agree with the restaurant.  The Trump administration spews lies, hatred and bigotry.  They need to see this is not acceptable.  Sanders should not have used her official account to tweet about it.


After the way Trump and his supporters talk about other people, they have no right to complain that others are not civil.

Republican manipulate the tax law to their benefit in Nevada

From the article linked to in the tweet below: “The Treasury Department last week reversed itself after lobbying by Nevada Republicans and agreed to let a previously ineligible county reap huge benefits from the new tax law.”


“Stop Pretending Black Midwesterners Don’t Exist”

A great column that reminds us “Approximately seven million people who identify as African-American live in the Midwest. That means there are more black people in the Midwest than in the Northeast or the West.”