Wisconsin update 12/5/18

They did it.  Republicans have totally violated the norms for accepting election results and the transition of power.  How can you work in a bipartisan manner with scumbags like this?  National Republicans haven’t said anything – I guess they think this is acceptable.  It’s not!

A satire from the Onion:

back to reality:


Overviews on Republican tactics to limit powers of Democrats who won

This is the big picture with several good summaries.  I have posted specific items on individual states.

Wisconsin update 12/4/18

This is disgraceful.  Republicans are trying to neuter the election results.

update 12/4/18

Don’t forget about Willie Horton

George H. W. Bush was better than any Republican president since him and I admire his service to the country  Still, we can’t forget about this.

Republicans lost in Wisconsin so they want to strip power form incoming Democrats

They’re doing this in Michigan too and did it in North Carolina.  Talk about sore losers.  They are unwilling to respect the wishes of the voters.  Of course, the national Republican party says nothing.


Dark money group Wellspring Committee


Republicans are trying to limit power of Democrats who won

They can’t accept they lost.  They try to undermine the winner.

more on Wisconsin:

Clerks give thumbs down to Republican plan to move 2020 presidential primary

Republican plan to limit governor’s power in Wisconsin