Republicans attack AOC

She’s their new Hillary Clinton on Nancy Pelosi. Notice how they attack women. Their chant last night is frightening.

I think she’s very smart and have been impressed by her public remarks and questions at hearings. I don’t agree on everything but she knows the issues and background.

The new right-wing buzzword is “coup”

This is right-wing nonsense and an attempt to deflect attention from the real investigations of Trump and Russia. Are they going to call it a coup if Trump loses in 2020? I think that’s where they could be headed. They may say the deep state stole the election. I don’t want to sound paranoid but I don’t put anything past them.

They’ll use this in 2020 if Trump loses.

Democrats are holding politicians to a higher standard

Northam must go but Republicans should shut up

Republicans can’t talk:

Trump is a bigot.

Steve King is a bigot.

Several southern Republicans made racist statements during the 2018 elections and were elected.

McConnell posed with a Confederate flag.

None of this excuses Northam’s behavior but since Republicans tolerate racism, they can’t talk about the Democrats.

Northam should resign