Republicans don’t care about lies and crimes if Trump does them

Remember how Republicans treated Obama and the Clintons?  Many of them don’t care what Trump does as long as he appoints conservative judges.

I’ll believe what Hatch said the first time – he has done nothing about Trump’s horrible behavior:

As shown above, Hatch later regretted the comments below.

Democratic health plans

It will be difficult for Democrats to pass their health plan, even with a Democratic president,  because of the difficulty of getting a Senate majority


Wisconsin Republicans don’t see urban voters as legitimate as rural voters


Sore losers!

North Carolina election update 12/6/18



North Carolina election fraud update 12/5/18

The more we learn, the worse it gets.  It looks like a new election is the only way to solve this problem.  National Republicans, who hyped almost non-existent voter fraud, are silent on election fraud.  Sad!