The answer to mass shootings is more guns?

Trump thinks teachers should be armed under certain conditions.  Is the answer to mass shootings really more guns?  Doesn’t this increase the risk of people getting hurt or killed?

If the police enter the school during a shooting and see someone with a gun, how do they know if it’s a teacher of the shooter?  Don’t you think the shooter will tell the police he is a teacher instead of admitting he’s the bad guy?

On the other hand, if a teacher said to me that they don’t feel safe in school and want to carry a gun, I would have a hard time telling them not to after what has happened.

The whole thing is a diversion from the real issues.  Sad!

Trump backs down on guns

Trump is showing no presidential leadership on this issue.  His word is worthless because he changes his mind frequently.

I will give Trump credit for standing up to the NRA for one day.  That’s one more day than Ryan and McConnell ever will.  Sad!