Republicans are preventing action on guns

Trump won’t even go for universal background checks which are supported by 90% in polls. McConnell won’t hold hearings or votes on gun safety bills passed by the house. Republicans won’t do anything to stop mass shootings. This is a partisan issue. Scott (see tweet below) is wrong. Republicans are wrong. Sad!

More on guns and mass shootings:

The NRA spent $30 million to elect Trump.

Americans support gun safety but Republicans will block bills

The NRA-supported Republican party won’t allow the passage of meaningful gun safety laws. It’s so frustrating that there’s about 90% support for universal background checks but McConnell won’t even allow a hearing on the issue. Mass shootings don’t matter – Republicans will just offer thoughts and prayers. Sad!

Trump is focusing on mental illness so he won’t offend the NRA

Originally, he said he was supporting of background checks (like about 90% of the public). Now, he has caved in again to the gun lobby and is blaming shootings on mental illness. Doing this also means he doesn’t have to deal with the issue of white supremacists and his role in inspiring them with his hateful rhetoric. Sad!

I don’t think Republicans/NRA will allow any gun bills to become law

Even though there is public support for gun safety laws such as universal background checks and banning assault weapons, nothing will get done because of the Republicans and the NRA. Trump talks like he’ll do something but he’s caved in before. If anything does get done, it will be for show and it will be very minor.

If states do things, conservative judges could strike their laws down.

Americans support gun control

Polls show that about 90% support universal background checks and about 2/3 support an assault rifle ban. It’s too bad that the Republican party cares more about what the NRA thinks than what voters want. Vote them out.

How views on guns have changed

Trump’s visit to Dayton

He lied about what the Senator Brown and the mayor said.

The press was not allowed to take pictures but the White House released some.

He went back to attacking Biden after he left Dayton.

He only cares about how he was received.

Trump did not speak publicly which is a good thing since he has no interest in unifying the country. He should shut up and go home.

The right is blaming Sanders for the shooter since he followed liberals but Sanders has never spewed hateful rhetoric and encouraged violence like Trump has.

Video games do not cause mass shootings

Republicans just don’t want to deal with the gun problem or the white supremacist problem so they blame everything else.