How can you not look at guns?  I guess all that NRA money gets you to ignore guns.  This is disgusting and pathetic.  We will never have school safety with this administration in charge.


Where House members stand on gun safety proposals

The Washington Post asked all House of Representatives members where they stood on the gun policy agenda proposed by some survivor of the Parkland shooting.

The five items are (summarized by the Post):

“1. Dedicated funding for the CDC to research gun violence
2. Strengthening the ATF’s ability to track and record gun sales
3. Universal background checks for gun purchases
4. A ban on magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition
5. A ban on assault weapons, including a registration or buyback program for these weapons already in circulation”

Most Republicans didn’t even answer.  There were 156 Democrats and two Republicans. who completely supported the agenda.

Democrats have not been perfect on gun safety but it’s clear nothing will get done with the Republicans, who are beholden to the NRA, in charge.


Online hoaxes after the Santa Fe shootings

Once again, just like in prior mass shootings,  fake Facebook posts about the Santa Fe shooting emerged.

This article states: “In the first hours after the Texas school shooting that left at least 10 dead Friday, online hoaxers moved quickly to spread a viral lie, creating fake Facebook accounts with the suspected shooter’s name and a doctored photo showing him wearing a “Hillary 2016″ hat.”

Even Fox News covered this aspect of the story:


Concern about gun safety has declined to pre-Parkland levels

Gun safety is not a top concern anymore and I am doubtful we will get legislation passed as long as the NRA-sponsored Republicans are in charge.  How many mass shootings do we have to have before Congress does something?

From this article: “Guns or gun control as the top problem has returned to pre-Parkland levels. The percentage of Americans naming guns or gun control as the nation’s most important problem spiked after the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, rising from 1% in January to 13% in March. This issue fell back to 6% by April and is now at 3%.”

Another poll also shows a decline in support for gun control.