Trump tweets deep fake Biden video

There is no bottom for what Trump won’t do to win the election. He’s desperate now.

Facebook and Twitter won’t remove Trump video edited to make Pelosi look bad

We’re going to get a whole election campaign of fake videos and lies from Trump and social media won’t stop them.

Trump’s disgusting retweet of a fake photo

Trump is disgusting. Republicans will just go along with this terrible behavior.

Another right-wing fake photo

A preview of the right-wing 2020 misinformation campaign

We’ll have fake photos and altered videos

Another fake right-wing photo

Trump supporters are using a March for Our Lives photo and saying it was from Trump’s July 4th speech. We know they don’t care about the truth just like their cult leader.

The latest right-wing fake picture

I haven’t seen liberals doing this. I think liberals are not as gullible based on how the Trump cult believes obvious lies.