Trump’s foreign policy

Two good points about Trump’s foreign policy:

China backs a Trump project in Indonesia while Trump supports better terms for Chinese phone maker ZTE


I don’t know how anybody can think this is right.

This is a violation of the Emoluments clause.


Great Der Spiegel cover and editorial


Trump’s controversial choice of a pastor to give the prayer at the embassy in Israel

The Washington Post provides background on Robert Jeffress.

Mitt Romney summed it up well:

More on Romney’s reaction

Trump is a bigot and associates with bigots.  This was a terrible choice.


Update:  More on Jeffress and Rev. John Hagee

The article states: “A Dallas evangelical pastor who once said that Jewish people are going to hell and a megachurch televangelist who claimed that Hitler was part of God’s plan to return Jews to Israel both played prominent roles on Monday in the opening ceremony of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem.”