Aid to Central America would reduce migration to the US

Pompeo says that’s just a liberal theory but he’s wrong. Trump is reducing aid out of spite and that will make the situation worse. If the situation in the Central American countries improved, people would want to stay there.

Pompeo dismisses data showing positive impact of Central American aid, defends cuts

Trump team lies about North Korea sanctions

It’s disgraceful that Trump likes Kim more than American hero John McCain.

This was a lie. There were no future sanctions now.

Trump doesn’t understand why we have troops stationed in allied countries

First, he doesn’t understand who our allies are. He prefers dictators like Kim and Putin. He doesn’t understand that we have troops overseas to benefit our interests. That’s the primary reason. He just sees costs and wants our allies to pay (with a 50% surcharge). As one of the tweets points out, if he pulls our troops out, Russia and China will be glad to take our place. Once again, he is doing Putin’s bidding by alienating our real allies. Sad!

Trump advertises his Scottish golf course

Of course, he was wrong to do that. I guess he didn’t want to point out that the Scottish government beat him in court and he owes them money for the legal bills. Will his business affect US foreign policy. This is so corrupt. Sad!