Europe was right not to applaud Pence’s mention of Trump

Trump is helping Putin, not NATO. What did Pence expect based on the shabby and hostile way Trump has treated Europe? Are they supposed to like it? I don’t blame any European country that is disgusted with Trump. I wish they could see how many of us are too.

There is no reason for Europe to go along with Trump’s poor decision on the Iran pact. In spite of Trump’s lies, Iran was in compliance with the deal. Trump wanted out of the deal but had no idea of what to do instead. He is a threat to world peace.

It won’t be possible to undo all the damage Trump has done.
Europe is right and Trump/Pence are wrong.
Russia will benefit from the friction between the US and Europe. The US will not.

Trump lies when he says he prevented a war with North Korea

Obama was not going to war with North Korea. We’ve been through this before but Trump continues to lie about it.

Trump is a chump for North Korea

Trump is supporting a dictator.

Trump’s willful ignorance

Trump helps Putin again

Trump has done so much to support Putin’s goals.

Trump also pulls out of treaties without having a plan to replace them.

Trump’s lies about the intel chiefs

They said it – there’s video. The ‘fake news” didn’t misinterpret it. Trump’s a non-stop liar and a danger to the security of our country and the world. This is one of his worst lies. Sad!

Trump believes Putin and Kim Jun Un instead of the intelligence agencies

Putin must be thrilled with Trump’s disregard of American intelligence.   Trump keeps helping Putin accomplish his goals.

Trump is wrong on Russia, Iran, North Korea and the border with Mexico.

Notice also that the intelligence officials did not repeat Trump’s nonsense about the border with Mexico such as the caravans, women who are taped up and his stupid border wall.