Trump is inviting Putin to the US

Why?  We don’t even know what happened in the Helsinki meeting.  It’s so obvious that Trump is a Russian stooge.

Trump’s disgraceful press conference

It seems more and more likely that Putin has something on Trump.  I can’t explain Trump’s anti-American, pro-Russian behavior otherwise.

It’s also clear Republicans won’t hold him accountable.  Sure, a few will issue statements but not will pass bills to keep him in check.  Some of the statements don’t even mention Trump by name because the authors are cowards.  Trump won’t listen to his own staff or Congress.  He’ll listen to Putin.

See the “Behind the scenes” section for White House reaction

“U.K. Poisoning Inquiry Turns to Russian Agency in Mueller Indictments”

The  Russian agency that hacked our election appears to be responsible for poisonings in Britain.  Will Trump say anything?  I don’t think he can blame Obama for poisonings in Britain.

Russian TV said Trump is accomplishing the Russian goal of dividing the US and Western Europe

Trump shouldn’t meet with Putin now

Putin is the enemy – why reward him?  What concessions will Trump make in the private meeting?

This is good:


NATO spending was going up before Trump


Just another Trump lie.  Sad!

Trump also lied about future spending: