Trump owes money to China

This is a conflict of interest that is affecting US foreign policy.

Trump fired the Peace Corps

I bet he just used the coronavirus as an excuse. Trump has no interest in helping other countries. He’s not even interested in helping all Americans. He only cares about his cult.

Trump adds Nigeria and other countries to his travel ban.

This is just racism.

Trump lies when he says America is respected

Most of the world (except for Russia and Israel) has a low opinion of Trump.

Pompeo’s disgusting comments to a reporter

What would you expect from a Trump appointee? See tweets on comments Pompeo made after the interview.

Trump tweets photo of Iran that is apparently classified

Trump keeps lying when he says Comey released classified information. Trump released classified information to Russian diplomats in the White House. Now, he has released an apparently classified picture of Iranian military installations.

Trump’s pro-Russia policies, attacks on our allies and reckless release of classified information is going to make it less likely that other countries will provide intelligence information to the US. Trump is making us less safe. Sad!

More on Trump’s pro-Putin behavior at the G-7

Trump is promoting Russia’s interests, not ours.