Trump stands alone

Trump is isolating the US from the rest of the world.  Sad!

Good for Macron for speaking out against nationalism.


Trump wouldn’t visit a World War I cemetery because of rain

Other leaders went.  Trump is a disgrace.  I don’t want to hear about how he supports the military if he avoids paying his share of taxes.  Has anyone related to him even been in the US military?

State Department

Lots of problems here.  I don’t think it will be easy to get people to work for the State Department after Trump or rebuild foreign trust in the US.

Trump’s war on the State Department

Diplomat who quit the Trump administration

Frustrated State Department employees hire attorneys, charging ‘political retribution’

Trump lies about jobs related to Saudi arms deals and total amount of the deals

He keeps increasing the number of jobs – it started at 40,000 and it’s now 1 million.  This is all made up. The total amount of the deals is a lie too.

Photo of Trump holding a chart that says 40,000 jobs

There are only 355,000 total jobs in the US defense industry!

Will Trump cover up for the Saudis?

It sounds like Trump will cover up for the Saudis with this ridiculous story of rogue killers.  It reminds me of the lie Trump dictated on Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russians.  Now, the Trump administration won’t even share intelligence with the Senate. Trump only care about money and has no interest in human rights.

Trump is withdrawing the US from another international organization

After Trump, if the next president wants to rejoin organizations and treaties, will anyone trust the US?

from the Washington Post