Moscow Mitch

I don’t believe him.

Trump’s racist comments at the Ross fundraiser

Just typical Trump – praising our enemies and mocking our allies. I’m sure Putin is happy. These tweets concern his comments at the Ross fundraiser for him.

He had the fundraiser anyway.

Trump sides with Kim over the CIA

Whose side is he on? He prefers a murderous dictator to protecting the United States. Kim knows flattery works with Trump. Sad!

Trump’s secret agreement with Mexico may be a blank sheet of paper

There is no additional deal according to Mexico. I believe Mexican officials instead of the liar in the White House.

Trump lies about his Mexico deal

The things Mexico will do were mostly agreed on months ago. Trump lied again. I noticed that the headlines last night were general “Trump said…” instead of saying there was a deal. The media knows Trump lies and didn’t want to say there was a deal until they saw proof. Sad!

Trump lies about NATO

It appears that Trump made up a quote from the head of NATO saying there wouldn’t be NATO without Trump. Trump takes advantage of the situation. NATO would not want to antagonize him since the US is its biggest contributor. Thus, Trump knows he can lie and get away with it. Sad!