Trump tweets photo of Iran that is apparently classified

Trump keeps lying when he says Comey released classified information. Trump released classified information to Russian diplomats in the White House. Now, he has released an apparently classified picture of Iranian military installations.

Trump’s pro-Russia policies, attacks on our allies and reckless release of classified information is going to make it less likely that other countries will provide intelligence information to the US. Trump is making us less safe. Sad!

More on Trump’s pro-Putin behavior at the G-7

Trump is promoting Russia’s interests, not ours.

Russian stooge Trump blames Obama for Russia’s invasion of Crimea

Putin must be thrilled.

Did Putin tell him to say this? He might as well have since Trump spouts Russian propaganda.
Crimea is not part of the US so how could it have been taken from Obama? Trump is jealous of Obama because he is popular and people respect him.
He said this before the G7

Moscow Mitch

I don’t believe him.

Trump’s racist comments at the Ross fundraiser

Just typical Trump – praising our enemies and mocking our allies. I’m sure Putin is happy. These tweets concern his comments at the Ross fundraiser for him.

He had the fundraiser anyway.

Trump sides with Kim over the CIA

Whose side is he on? He prefers a murderous dictator to protecting the United States. Kim knows flattery works with Trump. Sad!