Trump’s disgraceful tax avoidance

Trump used campaign accounts for litigation funds

Is this legal? Sounds crooked to me. Sad!

looks like he’ll need the money:

Trump/Trump Organization is being investigated for fraud

This would be a much bigger story if we weren’t overwhelmed by the pandemic.

Trump wanted the British Open at one of his properties


This is an abuse of his office. Sad!

Trump administration inserts FBI building into cororavirus bill

This would benefit Trump personally. He wants the FBI to stay in DC so a hotel is not built on their current site that would compete with his hotel. That’s so corrupt. Now Republican senators act innocent but they, not the White House, are responsible for the bill. Sad!

Trump campaign’s unpaid bills

They have stiffed cities over and over.

Lawsuit against the Trumps is proceeding

Then there’s stuff like Trump University. Just a sleazy family.

Taxpayer money spent at Trump businesses

Trump China story was incorrect

see my prior post

There are still plenty of conflicts of interest