Government spending at Trump properties

High room prices are a Trump scam.

Trump makes money on military trips to Scotland

Just the latest example of Trump’s corruption. Republicans will say nothing and Democrats have been ineffective so there is no reason for Trump to stop using his office to make money. Sad!

They’re stonewalling like Trump does for all investigations.
It’s clear they are doing this to benefit Trump. It’s not the cheapest or most convenient place to stay. This is corruption.

Trump’s plan to help poor communities is a bonanza for the rich

Just another Trump scam

Comments by Paul Krugman

More on the Doral

Trump’s corrupt idea to hold the G-7 at his Doral resort

This is an obvious conflict of interest. I assume it’s a violation of the emoluments clause. It’s so corrupt. Republicans won’t say anything; they do nothing to restrain Trump. Sad!

He is lying