Is Trump, Jr. too stupid to be a criminal?

That’s what it sounds like though I have a hard time believing that he didn’t know it was wrong to meet with Russians about dirt on Hillary Clinton. I think he’s a crook. Sad!

Trump’s sister retires to avoid misconduct investigation

Jared and Ivanka use private email/messaging for government business

Hypocrites. Let’s see if Republicans think they should be locked up. I guess this is only bad when Hillary did it. Lol.


Republicans only think it’s bad when Democrats do it.

Kushner update 3/9/19

He’s just as bad as Trump. He shouldn’t have a clearance. He left our officials out when he met with the Saudis. He has financial conflicts of interest because of his business interests.

Ivanka’s clearance was done by Trump, too

Jared and Ivanka should not have security clearances. They don’t belong in the government. It’s not the family business.

Lying is genetic in this family

Trump lied about Kushner’s top secret security clearance

Trump lied. He did order the security clearance for Kushner, ignoring the advice of his advisers. (He’s legally entitled to do it but it was bad for our security.) The new revelations have hung Kushner’s lawyer, Lowell, out to dry and he is distancing himself from the actions by implying he didn’t know what happened.

Clinton was wrong but as far as I know, no harm was done. It’s not like Trump giving classified intelligence to the Russians in the White House.
This is a lie if you count his son-in-law.