Ivanka Trump edited Kimberly Guilfoyle out of a picture

The second tweet is great!

Trump Organization charged the Secret service outrageous rates. Eric Trump lied about it.

Lying grifters

Finally, accountability for Jared Kushner

He fits right in as a member of the Trump family. What a disgusting bunch.

His father is a criminal.

Trump campaign sleazy financial arrangements


Will Donald Trump, Jr. be the Republican nominee in 2024?

I think he will, regardless of who wins this election. The former Republican party is now a Trump cult. They don’t like government so they won’t be interested in traditional politicians like Pence and Cruz.

Trump/Trump Organization is being investigated for fraud

This would be a much bigger story if we weren’t overwhelmed by the pandemic.

Trump’s disgusting plug of Goya

The head of Goya praised Trump which made many people say they would boycott Goya. Trump and his daughter Ivanka have now posed with Goya products. That’s unethical. Sad!

Lawsuit against the Trumps is proceeding

Then there’s stuff like Trump University. Just a sleazy family.

Court rejects Trump effort to move lawsuit to arbitration

Maybe this is the time Trump’s sleazy behavior catches up with him. What a scum bag family!


Trump’s plan to help poor communities is a bonanza for the rich

Just another Trump scam

Comments by Paul Krugman