Even Melania (or her staff) lies

She’s no better than the rest of that sorry family.  Her staff lied about why she wore the jacket with text on it.  Lying is contagious in this White House.

Kushner apparently didn’t pay any taxes for 2009-2016


It’s all legal, too and Trump has made it easier for real estate tycoons to avoid taxes.

From the article:

“The White House last year championed a sweeping revision of the nation’s tax laws that expanded many of the benefits enjoyed by real estate investors, allowing them to reap even larger deductions.
“The Trump administration was in a position to clean up the tax code and promised to get rid of some of the complexity that certain taxpayers use to their advantage,” said Victor Fleischer, a tax law professor at the University of California, Irvine. “Instead, they doubled down on those provisions, particularly the ones they have familiarity with to benefit themselves.””

This is one reason we need to see Trump’s tax returns.

Here’s an example of how he did it.  Notice he even got a refund!


Republicans are fine with Trump’s corrupt activities


Trump, Jr. tweets garbage

Trump, Jr. tweeted a lie about Anderson Cooper using a photo that was old and a disgusting fake note from Christine Blasey Ford.