Trump name to be removed from another building

Trump’s hotel is a conflict of interest

Here are some examples of how Trump is making money on his hotel in Washington. He should be forced to get rid of it. Other people could spend money there and buy influence with him (or appear to). Even if he isn’t doing anything wrong, it sure looks bad.

The House should obtain Trump’s tax returns

The House should get Trump’s returns as soon as possible. His behavior toward Russia has been very odd and we need to see if he gets income from them. We also need to see if he even pays taxes – we know he has avoided them before and used shady techniques to pay less. We need to see if how much he profited from his tax cuts for rich people.

I don’t want any crap from Trump about he supports the military if he won’t pay the taxes that pay for their salaries and weapons.

If Trump didn’t want to reveal his taxes or get rid of his properties, he should not have run for president. It’s that simple.

Republicans have done nothing about Trump’s taxes or possible emoluments violations so Democrats will have to do it now.

This is wrong – just get the president’s returns. He’s just trying to muddy the waters. The only other one I would consider is the vice president’s returns.

The emoluments clause lawsuit against Trump moves forward

We need to find out the full details of Trump’s corrupt behavior.  This is good news.

update 12/5/18


If you don’t think Trump is a crook, explain all of this

I bet he has committed crimes in one or more of these areas.  I don’t want him to be impeached because it will fail in the Senate. I want him to be indicted – if it has to wait until he is no longer president, then we’ll wait.  I want him to go to jail if he is a criminal.

  • Campaign finance fraud – if Michael Cohen is guilty, how can Trump not be guilty too?  None of this would have happened without Trump’s infidelities.  Trump got laid but Cohen got screwed.
  • Trump Foundation – Trump used the foundation like a personal checkbook.  The New York Attorney General is investigating this.
  • Collusion – We don’t know if he colluded with the Russians.  I’ll defer to Mueller on this one.
  • Obstruction of justice – This seems more likely.  There are things like the firing of Comey and Trump’s writing of the false statement about his son’s meeting with the Russians
  • Tax Fraud – This was exposed by the New York Times.  It could be pursued in civil court which has no time limits.  Criminal tax cases usually have a six year limit.
  • Emoluments – Trump is being sued by the attorneys general of Maryland and DC.  The conflicts of interest are obvious when representatives of foreign countries have functions or stay at his properties.  Some of Trump’s policies (such as those toward Saudi Arabia) could be influenced by his personal business interests.
  • Money laundering – The Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee will investigate this next year when they take over
  • Defamation lawsuit by Summer Dervos – still in process