Trump rejects, then approves, disaster aid for California

They didn’t vote for him so he doesn’t care about them.

Trump using the DOJ for a personal lawsuit against him

This is obviously wrong. The alleged conduct occurred before he became president and has nothing to do with his presidency. Taxpayers should not pay for his defense.

Trump accuses critics of treason and hating the country

My idea of treason is what Trump does by doing things to benefit Putin. I hate Trump, I don’t hate the country. Trump is trying to stifle dissent by his poisonous talk and using troops to attack protesters.

Linkin Park is the latest artist to object to Trump using their music

A Trump pardon inspired by Fox News

Are we paying Trump to watch Fox News and tweet?

Trump’s unsteady walk

We never did get the whole truth about his hospital visit last year. I assume he’s hiding some problem. I don’t want him to be sick. I want him to be honest.