Trump talks about Tom Brady

This didn’t go well in 2016 when he did it here in Maryland which is Ravens country. Bad idea!

Trump gets booed when he mentions Brady in Maryland in 2016.

Trump administration wants to dictate architecture style for federal buildings

I believe the Trump accusers

Do you really think 15-20 women would make this up? I believe Trump is a sexual predator and a despicable person. He think that if he calls the women liars, it’s all going to go away. He has not been held accountable yet but I hope he will. The Trump cult members who believe the women who accused Bill Clinton but not these women are disgusting hypocrites.

Trump’s a disgrace

The 23 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct

We should not forget them. The Democrats should do something similar to what Trump did in 2016 – they should invite the women to a general election debate to remind everyone what a bad person Trump is.