No moral leadership

Trump failed to provide moral leadership for the country again during the Rob Porter news.

He finally said something about domestic violence today but initially all he could do was praise Porter and not mention Porter’s ex-wives at all.  That showed his real thoughts.  Of course, Trump has been accused of similar actions by over a dozen women.  I believe them women.  Trump lies all the time.

Porter said he’s innocent.

Roy Moore says he’s innocent.

Putin says he’s innocent.

Trump says he’s innocent.

Notice a pattern?  To me, Trump’s worst moment was when he said the white supremacists in Charlottesville included “very fine people”.  His comments about “shithole countries” are right behind it.

The president should be a role model.  This one is a despicable human being.  Sad!


Let’s not forget Trump’s accusers

It’s obvious that Trump doesn’t care what happens to women; he will always defend a man accused of sexual misconduct (unless they’re a Democrat).  Let’s not forget Trump’s accusers.  There are many of them, you will find a different count in different articles.  I linked to three of them below.  It’s over 10 and under 20…I guess.

Trump says they’re all lying but I believe the women.  Do you think 10 or 15 women would have made this up?  I am sure it is painful for them to tell their stories and recall Trump’s disgusting behavior.  They are not getting money.  We have the Access Hollywood tape where Trump admits he grabbed women.   Sad!

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Trump Turnover

That’s a lot of turnover!   Sad!