Trump only cares about his base

Trump only wants to be president of his base.  He doesn’t care about the rest of us.  For a dinner this week with the president of France, Trump ignored tradition and didn’t invite Congressional Democrats or the media.

He did something similar last year for Hannukah.

It’s clear he has no interest in uniting the country.  He doesn’t want to be my president and I look forward to the day he isn’t.


Focus on issues, not Stormy Daniels

This excellent column points out that the attention the media has given to Daniels, Cohen and Comey makes it harder to focus on issues such as the economy.

The column states:

“The intense media attention on Trump’s personal deficiencies might not actually move many more voters than they already have, and the economic message pushed by Democrats—one that’s rooted, in part, in the tax bill—is having a hard time breaking through.”


Are Cohen and Trump guilty?

I agree with the tweet below.  There’s nothing to worry about if Cohen and Trump are innocent.  However, I think they’re guilty of something.

This column notes that comments from Trump defenders “…all start with the premise that Trump has something to hide.”