Trump-related trials and investigations – a crime wave!

Don’t forget the inauguration!

Trump signed bibles

The big story is the total silence from conservatives. They tolerate anything Trump does no matter how bad it is.

There were lots of funny tweets along with the serious ones.

Another point of view

Trump wanted Obama’s grades released but pressured a school to hide his own


Trump is a bad role model

Others are following Trump’s lead since he gets away with everything. They realize the public won’t punish them for bad behavior.

Elected officials in Virginia have not resigned even though their own party has asked them to. Trump has never been held accountable for his bad actions.

Judge Jeanine will stiff contractors just like Trump does.

Trump defends Kraft

How can he be innocent? They have videotape. Trump’s words sound like his defense of Putin.

Keep this in mind – there are larger issues here:

Trump asked Japan to nominate him for a Nobel prize

This is pathetic. What a narcissist.