Trump’s order to cut the payroll tax is a poor idea

  1. I don’t think he can do it without Congress
  2. Both Republicans and Democrats didn’t support it
  3. It only helps people who are working, not the large amount of unemployed people
  4. It would accelerate the financial problem timetable for Social Security since the payroll tax is how it’s funded
Neither party wants it, just Trump.
How would Social Security be financed?

Trump’s authoritarian move in Portland

This is scary.

Trump’s spending on the wall was unlawful

Trump threatens the use of military force; peaceful protesters are tear gassed

I don’t watch Trump speak but it sounds like he said nothing about the basis of the protests – police murders of African-Americans. There’s no reason for the protesters to stop until something is being done.

I don’t support vandalism and looting. I totally support the peaceful protests. You can make an argument that peaceful protests don’t work. Look where they got Colin Kaepernick – unemployed. Kaepernick was right then and Trump’s talk and actions have only validated his concerns.

Trump gives notice that he is firing another Inspector General

Trump continues to lie about the Voice of America (VOA)

Another authoritarian move by Trump

Trump calls the press “The Enemy of the People”

The phrase came from Henrik Ibsen’s 1882 play An Enemy of the People. I am a big admirer of Ibsen’s plays but don’t think this one of his best. My favorites are The Wild Duck (1884) and Hedda Gabler (1890).

Trump’s war on blue states

Trump attacks blue states that didn’t vote for him but they are doing much better economically than states that support him.