Indict Trump if he’s guilty. Don’t worry about what his cult thinks.

If Trump is guilty (which I believe he is), he should be indicted.

I am not worried about dividing the country. We’re already there.

I am not worried about what they would do to Biden if they win the House. They would do it anyway even if Trump wasn’t indicted. I haven’t forgotten the impeachment of Bill Clinton (which was excessive for what he did) or the “Lock Her Up” chants. They have shown they don’t care about polarizing the country by their past actions.

I don’t expect the Trump cult to revert back to normal if Trump isn’t indicted. Trump will still be angry. They’ll still be angry. Trump escaped indictment for obstructing the Russia probe and he’s still angry.

It sets a terrible precedent if he isn’t indicted if it’s appropriate – nobody is above the law.

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