Another example of how the GOP is pro-Russia

We know Trump is pro-Putin but he’s not the only Republican. Tucker Carlson is pro-Russia, too. If the Republicans win either or both houses of Congress, US support of Ukraine will be reduced or halted.

I doubt this is a coincidence

Remember this?

Biden deserves credit for his Ukraine policy

The media is too busy covering Trump to give it to him

Don’t say “Americans” when it’s clearly some Republicans and Fox News

Look at the comments on my tweet. They can’t defend Trump and Fox so they talk about Obama and Lyndon Johnson.

More on GOP support of Russia:

Lying to your boss is not a good idea

I spent most of my career as an analyst working for management in the government. I found (somewhat surprisingly) that bosses appreciate it when you give them bad news. There are several reasons:

  1. It gives them a chance to react and make the situation better
  2. They should hear it from someone who works for them rather than an outsider. They don’t want to be caught offguard.

This applies to this situation. Putin’s employees should have told him the truth. If he discourages people from giving him bad news, that’s going to harm him in the long run (which is fine with me).