Democrats fail to overturn Trump administration lifting sanctions on a Russian oligarch

update – Republicans go along with Trump’s appeasement of Russia



House condemns Steve King

The House condemned Steve King.  What took them so long?  He didn’t just become a racist last week.  Of course, they won’t condemn the bigot in the White House.  Trump didn’t condemn King either and has claimed he didn’t know about the issue.

Trump is like Steve King

Iowa Congressman Steve King is a disgusting racist.  Trump had him visit the White House and raised money for him.

King is so bad even some Republicans have criticized him after recent outrageous comments but Trump has been quiet because he’s a bigot, too.



Democrats in Congress are diverse. Republicans are mostly white men.


Democratic health plans

It will be difficult for Democrats to pass their health plan, even with a Democratic president,  because of the difficulty of getting a Senate majority


How Republicans will make excuses for Trump

Here’s what Hatch said.  I am sure many Trump cult members will echo this.  They only care about the law when they think Democrats break it.  The hypocrisy is overwhelming.  Obviously, people like Hatch would not vote to convict Trump if he was charged by the House.

More Republican hypocrisy.

The new Congress