Ted Cruz is a hypocrite

Another Republican government shutdown coming?

They’ve done it before with people like Gingrich and Cruz. They’re more interested in vengeance and harming people than governing.

Don’t just blame Manchin and Sinema

There are 50 Republican senators who won’t do anything helpful on climate change or abortion rights. The media keeps neglecting to mention this.

I don’t call the gun bill and infrastructure bill bipartisan

That gives too much credit to Republicans. I don’t think the bills are bipartisan when most Republicans in Congress voted against them.

Infrastructure vote in the House

Infrastructure vote in the Senate


House: 234 for (including only 14 Republicans) and 193 against (think all were Republicans)

Senate: 65 for (including 15 Republicans) and 34 against (all Republicans)


House: 228 for (including only 13 Republicans) and 206 against (including 6 Democrats)

Senate: 69 for (including 19 Republicans) and 30 against (all Republicans)

Generic Congressional ballot polls

Republicans in Congress don’t want gun safety laws

That’s what I think. They’re afraid of their voters – look how they treated Cornyn.

CNN poll on issues important for Congressional vote

Boebert is a bigot

McCarthy will do nothing about her because it would alienate Trump and his cult.

16 Republicans voted against helping Afghans who aided US troops

Disgraceful. I can’t imagine why they won’t help people who helped the US.