More McConnell hypocrisy

I support Representative Omar

I don’t agree with everything she has said but I defend her against the attacks from Trump. His video distorts her message by showing only parts of what she said. She’s already getting death threats and will get more thanks to Trump.

Republicans will do nothing to defend her and Democrats haven’t done enough. This is a strategic move by Trump to divide the Democratic Party and I am sure he will attack people who defend her.

He’s the bigot and should be ashamed of his disgraceful behavior.

This sums up where I am very well.

Going high has failed. We have to fight back. There’s no bottom for how low Trump and his cult will go.

Republicans attack AOC

She’s their new Hillary Clinton on Nancy Pelosi. Notice how they attack women. Their chant last night is frightening.

I think she’s very smart and have been impressed by her public remarks and questions at hearings. I don’t agree on everything but she knows the issues and background.