Dick Durbin should do better or be replaced

He won’t do anything about Dianne Feinstein’s indefinite absence holding up judicial appointments. He won’t do anything about Supreme Court corruption. He won’t do anything about blue slips. This is not the 1980s. Republicans are not going to cooperate. Very disappointing.

Disgusting Republican AR-15 pins


201 House Republicans vote against IRS audits of presidential tax returns

I guess they are fine with Trump’s tax evasion.

Raise the debt ceiling now

Ron Johnson is terrible

He’s leading in polls anyway.

Ted Cruz is a hypocrite

Another Republican government shutdown coming?

They’ve done it before with people like Gingrich and Cruz. They’re more interested in vengeance and harming people than governing.

Don’t just blame Manchin and Sinema

There are 50 Republican senators who won’t do anything helpful on climate change or abortion rights. The media keeps neglecting to mention this.

I don’t call the gun bill and infrastructure bill bipartisan

That gives too much credit to Republicans. I don’t think the bills are bipartisan when most Republicans in Congress voted against them.

Infrastructure vote in the House

Infrastructure vote in the Senate


House: 234 for (including only 14 Republicans) and 193 against (think all were Republicans)

Senate: 65 for (including 15 Republicans) and 34 against (all Republicans)


House: 228 for (including only 13 Republicans) and 206 against (including 6 Democrats)

Senate: 69 for (including 19 Republicans) and 30 against (all Republicans)