Concentrate on gerrymandering and voter suppression

The Democrats in the House passed HR 1, a huge voting overhaul that has no chance at all in the Senate.

I think it would be better if they chopped it up into pieces. It would be easier to explain to the public if they concentrated on one item at a time.

I would start with gerrymandering. It is easy to show examples like Wisconsin and North Carolina. (Yes, Democrats did it in Maryland but this is almost entirely a Republican problem.) The public will understand and approve of the idea of fairness. Democrats also need to emphasize that when districts are redrawn like in Pennsylvania, it’s to promote fairness, not Democrats.

Since the Republicans won’t do anything, it should be easy to tag them as being opposed to fair elections. See the tweet below for a new study that shows obvious problems.

Same for voter suppression. Everyone should understand that all people who are eligible to vote should be able to vote. Republicans have made extensive suppression efforts in places like Georgia.

AOC was excellent yesterday

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) did a great job at the Cohen hearing. She asked probing questions, didn’t grandstand and followed up on issues raised by other Democrats. (Republicans only emphasized that Cohen was a liar and felon – they had no issues with Trump’s behavior.)

Sure, she has made some mistakes in her discussions of taxes and the green new deal. Not everything she proposes is easy to achieve but she is right to aim high. However, she does now have people discussing the right issues and that is commendable. Notice how often Republicans attack her for her background, clothes, etc. instead of the issues..

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North Carolina House district NC-09 update

In addition to the new election, here are some other developments.

  1. The main guy who committed election fraud has been indicted.
  2. McConnell lied and treated this as voter fraud, not election fraud by Republicans. He did this to blame Democrats which is totally wrong.

Steve King must go

He should be gone. Bigot.

The Republican party is supporting racism if they let him run again (and serve now).