Impeachment or no impeachment?

The Democrats are in a tough position.

If they don’t impeach Trump, they will look weak. There are clearly grounds for investigating impeachment. Clinton was impeached for much less. However, impeachment is sure to fail in the Senate since Republicans don’t care what Trump does as long as he lowers taxes and appoints conservative judges. There is so much evidence, I think it will be hard for Democrats to avoid impeachment hearings.

If they do impeach, it will distract from other issues which are much more important to the daily life of voters. If it fails in the Senate, it would look like double jeopardy if he was later charged in court. At least Republicans would have to go on record that they support his terrible actions.

I still want Trump to be indicted and sent to jail if (or I think when) he is convicted. I know he will get a hearing in the Senate which will clear him. I have much more confidence in a jury.

Trump must be held accountable. He can’t get away with this!

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