Another Trump lie

Trump used an accident in which a Border Patrol agent was killed to inflame anti-immigrant sentiment.  Trump and other Republicans treated this as an attack on the agent but there has been no proof of that. The FBI conducted over 650 interviews.

Now that we know that Trump’s story is not true, will he retract it?  Of course not.  He never acknowledges that he ever lies.  The original unsupported story got much more publicity than the results of the investigation.  Sad!

Chronology of the “shithole” comments

Here’s the chronology of the Trump “shithole”  comments.

Thursday: Trump makes his “shithole” comment in a meeting

FridayThe Washington Post reports the “shithole” comment and states that “White House officials did not dispute the account.”  Democratic Senator Durbin, who was in the meeting,  says that Trump said “shithole”.   Republican Senator Scott says that Republican Senator Graham, who was in the meeting, confirmed the Washington Post account.

Trump tweets that the Democrats made it up.  However, he allegedly takes a “victory lap” by phoning people to see how it played out in the press.

Republican Senators Perdue and Cotton, meeting participants, said they did not recall Trump saying these comments specifically.

Republican Senator Flake, who was not in the meeting, tweets that Trump’s comments “were not “tough,” they were abhorrent and repulsive”

Sunday: Now, Senator Cotton says that Trump did not say “shithole countries”.   Why didn’t he remember this on Friday?

Trump said “shithole”, lied about it and is being helped by other Republicans to make it seem like it didn’t happen.  Sad!

Trump is a racist

Trump reportedly said that all Haitians entering the US have AIDS and that Nigerians would never “go back to their huts” once they saw America.  The administration denied that he said these things.

Now, a Washington Post article said two sources said he called African countries, El Salvador and Haiti “shithole countries” and that the US should try to get more immigrants from countries like Norway.  He met with the Norwegian prime minister yesterday.

To me, the second instance makes the first one more plausible.  I read this after I originally wrote the post – it makes the same point I did.  I believe both articles are true.

Here are more examples of Trump’s comments about nonwhite immigrants. This goes back to the first day of his campaign when he said Mexico was sending us rapists. The man’s a bigot.  How much proof do you need?