Trump’s secret agreement with Mexico may be a blank sheet of paper

There is no additional deal according to Mexico. I believe Mexican officials instead of the liar in the White House.

Climate change is a major cause of migration from Guatemala

People are leaving Guatemala because crops are dying. Trump denies climate change and cuts off aid to countries where the migrants come from. This is only going to make the situation worse.

Eventually, this could happen within the United States as some areas become difficult to farm and live in because of climate change. Sad!

There is no link between undocumented immigrants and crime

Trump business made undocumented workers work extra hours without pay

Vigilantes in New Mexico

Aid to Central America would reduce migration to the US

Pompeo says that’s just a liberal theory but he’s wrong. Trump is reducing aid out of spite and that will make the situation worse. If the situation in the Central American countries improved, people would want to stay there.

Pompeo dismisses data showing positive impact of Central American aid, defends cuts

Trump told the head of the border patrol he would pardon him if he broke immigration law

I doubt it was a joke.