Trump’s phony emergency

Since there’s no national emergency at border, Trump has to lie to make it seem like one. He gave his opponents plenty of ammunition by basically admitting this was a political move.

Trump used the families who have lost family members to murders by illegal immigrants. I am sorry for their losses but notice that Trump never does this for the victims of gun violence. That’s because the NRA spent $30 million to get him elected.

Trump has lied about this over and over.

another repeated lie

El Paso update

Beto O’Rourke will be holding a rally tonight at the same time Trump’s rally is happening. Once again, le me point out that El Paso’s crime rate was declining before they built a barrier there. Trump is lying again.

The comments are great.

Even the Republican mayor of El Paso said Trump is wrong about El Paso.

Trump lies about El Paso

It hasn’t reduced crime because of a fence – it was already low. See Beto O’Rourke’s column below.

Trump’s undocumented workers