Trump’s terrible detainee plan

Trump politicizes everything and doesn’t care about laws – he just wants to punish people. He wants to send detainees to areas (sanctuary cities) held by Democrats (mayors or Congress) who oppose his terrible immigration ideas. Even his own employees raised legal objections but Trump still wants to do it. Sad!

This follows the reduction of tax deductions for SALT which penalized blue states, his threats to withhold money aimed for California and unwillingness to support the Gateway tunnel that would help New York and New Jersey. He has no interest in being president for everyone – he only cares about his base.

Will any Republicans speak up?
Then Trump says he still wants to do it

Trump lies – We’re not full

Trump lies about Obama again

Trump has lied before when he blames Obama for his own family separation policy.

Trump’s policies will create more anti-US terrorists

Think about these children who were separated from their parents by Trump’s policies. They will grow up to hate the United States. I think it’s fair to assume that some of them will become terrorists who try to harm the US and its residents.

The great majority of people coming from Central America are not terrorists now but some will be eventually thanks to Trump’s cruel policies.

Trump threatens to close the border with Mexico

If conditions were better in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, people would not seek asylum here. Foreign aid is in our interest, too, if you don’t want people to come here.

Trump’s phony emergency

Since there’s no national emergency at border, Trump has to lie to make it seem like one. He gave his opponents plenty of ammunition by basically admitting this was a political move.

Trump used the families who have lost family members to murders by illegal immigrants. I am sorry for their losses but notice that Trump never does this for the victims of gun violence. That’s because the NRA spent $30 million to get him elected.

Trump has lied about this over and over.

another repeated lie