The Trump administration 2020 Census undercounted minorities

Of course, they did. Trump made everything political and tried to punish anyone who opposed him. This helped his white nationalist base.

New information on the Trump administration’s efforts to influence the 2020 census

Everything was political to Trump and his cronies.

and there’s this

Trump plan to not count undocumented immigrants fails

Trump census scam fails

Ross will defy judge’s order on the census

Law and order only applies when they like it.

Census update 10/5/20

Trump loses a census and redistricting related case

Great job by the court

2020 Census update

Trump has politicized it.

Doubts about the 2020 census

Trump’s bigoted attack on the 2020 Census

This will undercount minorities. That means they will get less representation and federal funding. Two things going on here:

  1. stopping counts early
  2. not counted undocumented people