Trump plan to not count undocumented immigrants fails

Trump census scam fails

Ross will defy judge’s order on the census

Law and order only applies when they like it.

Census update 10/5/20

Trump loses a census and redistricting related case

Great job by the court

2020 Census update

Trump has politicized it.

Doubts about the 2020 census

Trump’s bigoted attack on the 2020 Census

This will undercount minorities. That means they will get less representation and federal funding. Two things going on here:

  1. stopping counts early
  2. not counted undocumented people

2020 Census update 7/11/19

Supreme Court will rule on the 2020 census citizenship question soon

The Supreme Court will soon make a decision on whether the Trump administration is allowed to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. The more we know, the more it’s clear that it’s not about the Voting Rights law, it’s strictly a move to help Republicans. They have lied about their motives and Trump is using executive privilege to hide evidence.

In spite of this, I expect the court to rule in favor of Trump based on political reasons. This would help Republicans for the next 10 years.