2020 Census update 7/11/19

Supreme Court will rule on the 2020 census citizenship question soon

The Supreme Court will soon make a decision on whether the Trump administration is allowed to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. The more we know, the more it’s clear that it’s not about the Voting Rights law, it’s strictly a move to help Republicans. They have lied about their motives and Trump is using executive privilege to hide evidence.

In spite of this, I expect the court to rule in favor of Trump based on political reasons. This would help Republicans for the next 10 years.

The Supreme Court will help Republicans rig the 2020 Census

I expect the Republican-controlled court to rule in favor of adding the citizenship question which will help Republicans by hurting Democrats. It won’t matter that the Trump administration has lied and that it was a blatantly political move that had nothing to do with enforcing the Voting Rights Act.

It sounds like the Supreme Court will cave in on the census citizenship question

This sounds bad based on reports from yesterday’s court hearing. The Republican-selected judges will support Trump and damage Democrats. Ross has lied about the reason for the question. It will result in damage to the court’s credibility, too. Sad!

How the citizenship question could break the census

Trump’s political tactic with the census

Trump just wants to penalize blue states by under-counting illegal immigrants. Even businesses know this is harmful. The Trump administration has lied about their motive. It will go to the Supreme Court this week. The census should not be political but to Trump everything is political and an opportunity to punish people who oppose him.

The 2020 Census citizenship question will go to the Supreme Court

Ross must go

He broke the law. This is not a hard decision.