Right-wing attacks on voting systems in Ohio and Colorado

Republicans go for control over voting results in Wisconsin

Biden is wrong to think Republicans will support voting rights

Republicans have made it very clear that they will suppress voting and make it easier to overturn elections. Biden is wrong to think Republicans will do anything to support voting rights.

Michigan Republicans find no voter fraud

This won’t sit well with Trump or his cult. Maybe they’ll storm the Michigan state house again. The bad news is Republicans want to use the unfounded claims to make it harder to vote.

Terrible Republican election laws

They are afraid they can’t win a fair election. The worst things they are doing concerned how ballots will be counted and certified. They will make it possible for some legislatures to overturn the will of the voters.

The worst part of Republican voting laws

They can use this to overturn the voting results. It’s really dangerous.

HR1 doesn’t address vote counting but I don’t think we realized Republicans would be this aggressive in their efforts to prevent election results from standing if they lost.