Right-wing threats against election officials

Republican plans to subvert future elections

The Trump cult wants election subversion

Nearly a dozen states enacted laws this year that could subvert the results of future elections, analysis finds

Election subversion could be real and dangerous

Wisconsin Republicans attack fair elections

2020 and the future

Then Trump attacked them because they haven’t done enough to overturn the election.

Terrible Republican election laws

They are afraid they can’t win a fair election. The worst things they are doing concerned how ballots will be counted and certified. They will make it possible for some legislatures to overturn the will of the voters.

Republicans don’t care about election security

They think foreign meddling will help Trump again. That’s all they care about. We know a lot more than we did in 2016 about interference but McConnell won’t even give hearings to election security bills passed by the House. Trump has no interest in the truth – the spread of disinformation helps him. Sad!

The Trump campaign should have told the FBI about the Russia meeting in Trump Tower. They never should have met with our enemy.