Overturn Citizens United

This is a great idea. The terrible Supreme Court decision has given rich people excessive influence on elections and thus on government policies.

Eliminate the Electoral College

For all 25 elections in the 1900s, the popular and Electoral College votes aligned.

For two of the six elections in the 2000s, the Electoral College overrode popular vote choices. (Both times Republicans benefitted, just like they did in 1876 and 1888).

It serves no value. Time for it to go.

Reforming the Electoral College is good. Do you expect Trump and his cult to follow new laws when they won’t follow current ones?

I don’t. If the Republican candidate loses in 2024, I don’t expect them to concede and I expect another insurrection. Do you really think Trump or his cult would respect new laws? The best way to prevent another insurrection is to punish people like Trump who incited it, planned it and funded it, not just the folks who stormed the Capitol. The jail time has to be so severe that tey won’t do it again.

As it stands now, Trump and other extremists would just recruit more chumps to replace any that are in jail. Since the leaders haven’t been punished, there’s no reason for them not to do it again.

The Trump cult wants election subversion

Nearly a dozen states enacted laws this year that could subvert the results of future elections, analysis finds

Election subversion could be real and dangerous

The biggest threat to fair elections

It’s not voter suppression, it’s letting legislatures and judges overturn elections. This is strictly a problem caused by Republicans.

Trump could win the Electoral College and lose the popular vote again in 2020

This is a very real possibility. I don’t care about national popular vote polls as much as polls in swing states that will determine the election.