Update on gerrymandering in Kansas

Gerrymandering in New Hampshire

Update on gerrymandering in Missouri

Update on gerrymandering in Florida

DeSantis’s excessively greedy gerrymandering has been ruled unconstitutional by a Republican judge.

Update on New York gerrymandering

Kavanaugh will side with Republicans

Update on Wisconsin gerrymandering

Gerrymandering will help Republicans

Republicans may win in redistricting because of red-state judges

The first tweet covers it:

Blue state judges aim for fairness

Red state judges aim to help Republicans

Update on Florida gerrymandering

Update on gerrymandering in Florida

I bet DeSantis is counting on the right-wing Supreme Court to let his map stand, at least for 2022 elections. He is evil but I think he’s got a good chance to be our next president. He has terrible policies like Trump but with less personal baggage and is not as obsessed with 2020.