White House using official Twitter account to attack two senators

The White House twitter feed lies and attacks Senators Harris and Warren.  How is this constructive or legal?  Taxpayers should not have to pay for this partisan venom. There will never be a good discussion on immigration as long as the Trump side says Democrats want crime, open borders and MS-13.  I don’t think Trump wants to solve immigration – he likes it as an issue.  Good for Senator Harris for fighting back!


Bots are trying to get people to #WalkAway from the Democratic party

I wonder if Trump’s Russian friends are doing this.


update 7/10:


update 7/17

Trump and Fox News


60 employees at a nail factory lose their jobs because of Trump’s tariffs.

I don’t want people to lose jobs but I have no sympathy for Trump supporters who lose their jobs because of his tariffs.  He’s doing what he said he was going to do and you voted for him.