Trump summarized in a tweet


He only cares about his base.

Great tweet on Republicans calling anti-Kavanaugh protesters a mob


Trump said they included “very fine people”.

Kavanaugh supporters gloat and reveal their misogyny

While some Republicans refer to Kavanaugh opponents as a mob, they need to look at how some of their own people are reacting.  I am going to link to a thread – look at the horrible tweets that have been made into screen prints.  I don’t know how this country will ever be unified again after this.   These people obviously have no interest.  They’re going with Trump’s zero-sum philosophy: Everyone’s a winner or a loser.  No cooperation.

Here’s the thread.

There’s some white nationalism stuff in there too.  Bigots.  Sad!





Conservative lie on Supreme Court nominations

Looks like they forgot about Garland.  Democrats never will.

Florida Man update

I love tweets from Florida Man