Monday holidays

This one’s a satire:

I don’t think it’s right that we celebrate birthday holidays like Washington’s birthday (which is the actual holiday) or King’s birthday on Mondays. How would you like it if I said to you ” Your birthday is on Thursday but I’m going to celebrate it on Monday because that’s more convenient for me.”

I figured out how we can move July 4th to a Monday. Rename it “Independence Day.”

Drinking wine from a Pringles can

Articles on hangover cures

just passing these along – don’t know if they work



I like gardening.

From my experience:

Daffodils are easy.  They also multiply a lot.  Tulips are hard and not worth the trouble.

Irises are great but may take until the second year until they bloom.  Once they get acclimated, they produce lots of flowers.

I get all of these from White Flower Farm that was recommended by my uncle Sam many years ago.  Their stuff isn’t cheap but the quality is great.  I especially recommend Thalia, a daffodil which has several small flowers on each stem.

At my old house, I grew roses.  They were a pain in the ass.  Great flowers but the plants caught lots of diseases.  There are a few photos here of the variety Tropicana.

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