The Thing 40th Anniversary – 6/25/22

The Thing was released on June 25, 1982. It was based on a novella that had previously been filmed in 1951.

National Sunglasses Day – June 27

Ninth anniversary of terrible Shelby County v. Holder decision

Nine years ago, the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act. This was an awful decision, right up there with this week’s trifecta of Miranda/Roe/guns.

Blonde on Blonde released in 1966 – May 16 or June 20?

Blonde on Blonde was released on June 20, 1966. I think it’s Dylan’s best album.

From the Wikipedia article:

Blonde on Blonde was released on June 20, 1966, but for many years, May 16 was thought to be the correct date.[120] Michael Gray, author of The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia, had contended that the release date was actually around late June or early July.[30] This coincides with the album’s promotion in Billboard, which carried a full-page Columbia advertisement on June 25,[121] selected the album as a “New Action LP” on July 9,[122] and ran a review and article on July 16.[108] In 2017, after viewing a Sony database of album releases, Heylin found that the release date was in fact June 20.[1] This is supported by the fact that an overdub on “Fourth Time Around” was recorded in June.[120]

Before the Flood released on 6/20/74

I have posted about this two-record set before which was taken from live recordings made in January and February 1974. It does a great job of conveying what the shows were like – I saw one on January 6, 1974 in Philadelphia. Basically, it’s a shorter version of the concert. Dylan did five songs solo, the album has three. The Band did 11 songs, the album has eight. Multiple shows were recorded but I read Dylan doesn’t like the tour so I doubt we well see a Bootleg series set with them.

The Watergate break-in was 50 years ago today

The Baseball Hall of Fame opened on 6/12/39

I have been to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown twice – in 1965 and in 1988. If you take children, I recommend waiting until they are old enough that the Hall has memorabilia and plaques for players they remember. In 1965, Ted Williams wasn’t even in the Hall. I had never seen any of these guys play. I enjoyed it much more in 1988.

Is this one colorized?