Night of the Living Dead – 10/1/68

Night of the Living Dead is available on DVD and Blu-ray through the Criterion Collection

National Toilet Paper Day – 8/26

Ricky Jay

Ricky Jay was a magician, author and actor.

I first knew his work through his book Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women which is about all kinds of strange people.

Nashville Skyline is 50

Bob Dylan’s Nashville Skyline was released on April 9, 1969. It continued the country leanings of the last two songs on his prior album John Wesley Harding. It was a lot different than the albums he had produced just a few years earlier of image-laden organ-drenched pounding rock.

This was a straight country album and didn’t seem very ambitious. It was peaceful during a really turbulent time. The best songs have held up well – I prefer “I Threw It All Away” and “To Be Alone With You” to the hit “Lay Lady Lay”.

Happy Pi Day!