Bill Lee

Bill Lee, best known as a Red Sox pitcher, is nicknamed “Spaceman” for his unique personality. His autobiography was titled The Wrong Stuff, (not The Right Stuff). Lee called his manager, Don Zimmer, the gerbil.

Warren Zevon wrote and recorded a song about him in 1980.

The effect of climate change on baseball

I think Baltimore, where I live, will have this problem eventually.  It was sure hot this summer. Rain could be a problem too. You also have to wonder how it affects the players and the game. Doesn’t the ball travel further in hot weather?

I think you will see more domed stadiums in the future to counteract the heat and rain.

Could Climate Change Affect the Future of Baseball?

How Will Rising Temperatures Change Baseball?

76ers attendance

I attended several 76ers games a few years ago when they stunk. At the 2015 game in the photo, announced attendance was about 10,000 but I bet it was less than half of that. This year, now that they’re good, they led the league in average attendance.

Mr. Celery

Mr. Celery is a mascot for the Wilmington Blue Rocks (minor league baseball Class A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals). He comes out and dances whenever the Blue Rocks score. There are lots of fan videos on YouTube.

The first time I saw him, I wondered if Delaware produced a lot of celery and I just didn’t know. The official story is that the team wanted another mascot and had an extra costume from an eating healthy promotion. The guy who plays him told Deadspin he found the costume dumpster diving. That’s a better story but I doubt it’s true. The Blue Rocks store has a page of Mr. Celery merchandise.

part of my Mr. Celery collection

Baltimore Colts moved 35 years ago today

Bob Irsay moved the team in the middle of the night. When I moved to Baltimore in 1976, the Colts games sold out. By the early 1980s, the team stunk and attendance was low. I saw a few games then. In one game, the only Colts touchdown was on a broken play when the running back (Joe Washington) threw a TD to a receiver (Mike Siani).

The Blu-ray of ESPN’s 30 for 30 on the Colts marching band has a supplement featuring Irsay’s apparently drunken press conference at the airport. He said he wasn’t going to move the team.