33 players have 3,000 hits

33 batters have 3,000 hits in major league history. Here are tweets and videos on some of them.

The butt punt

Remember the butt fumble by Mark Sanchez? Today, we had the butt punt.

The Portland Pickles mascot attended an Orioles game

Pickles Pub in the first tweet is across the street from the stadium

Here he is in the stands at the 9/23/22 Orioles game – took this off my TV

Only 23,514 saw Roger Maris hit #61

Only 23,154 saw Roger Maris hit his 61st home run. It was a Sunday day game at Yankee Stadium. The home run was the only run in the game. In today’s game at Yankee Stadium where Aaron Judge could (but apparently won’t) hit his 61st home run, there are more people than the seating capacity.

The 61st home run was given up by Red Sox pitcher Tracy Stallard. I thought it was perfect that he became a Met in 1963. A player known for being on the losing end of a great achievement belonged on the Mets who were infamous for losing 120 games the year before.

I saw the Yankees play in 1961. In the game I saw, Mickey Mantle hit a home run. He hit 54 that season.

I think Judge will break Maris’s record. In a way, it would be more impressive since two of the 10 American League teams in 1961 were bad expansion teams. Judge didn’t have the chance to face expansion teams.

There are three Frank Robinson statues

Does any other baseball player have this? I doubt it. It shows you how great he was as a player and a man. The Orioles, Reds, and Guardians (Indians) also retired his number.

He was fourth all-time in home runs when he retired, the only player to win MVP in both leagues and the first black manager. He was also a fine executive.

Orioles statue

Baltimore Sun article

my photo

Reds statue

Indians (Guardians) statue

Orioles triple play 9/18/22

The Orioles turned a triple play today. I have seen two triple plays in person – both in 1979. The one by Oakland was so fast they could have gotten 4 or 5 guys out. As I recall, it was the first game their second baseman, Mickey Klutts, played at second.

Athletics triple play 5/7/79 box score

Orioles triple play 6/10/79 box score

I support the pitch clock

I went to a minor league game this year where they used the pitch clock and really liked it. The pace was definitely faster.

A tweet I saw: Cleveland Browns had 59 starting QBs during the Queen’s reign

At an Orioles game many years ago I saw someone wearing a Sosa #21 t-shirt. They had crossed out Sosa and written Markakis.

Did you know that Super Bowl confetti was shaped like the Lombardi trophy?

I didn’t know that until I bought some on eBay after the Ravens won the Super Bowl after the 2012 season. I think I read back then that the Lombardi-shaped confetti is by the stand where they present the trophy. I also got rectangular strips. The colors are those of the winning team.

Now there is tweet confetti

The confetti I have

Four Home Runs in one game

Bo Bichette of Toronto hit three home runs against the Orioles yesterday. He had a chance for a fourth and didn’t get it. The broadcasters pointed out that it has only been done 18 times. That’s rarer than perfect games. It has been done twice against the Orioles (Rocky Colavito, Josh Hamilton).

Here’s an overview and some videos.

Gateway Stamp Company envelope on Bob Horner’s four home run game