Tweets on first Jewish pitching matchup since 1977

There is more to Jewish representation in baseball than Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax. Still, this hasn’t happened often.

A minor league baseball team scored 7 runs but was no-hit

Tweet with link to MLB’s Minor League Ballpark Guide

Have you seen minor league baseball? If not, I recommend it. The level of play isn’t as good as the majors but you will see players that will play in the majors. The games aren’t crowded and tickets are inexpensive.

Of the current parks, I have been to Wilmington, Lehigh Valley, Reading, Scranton Wilkes-Barre and Aberdeen.

Eddie Murray interview on the 1983 Orioles in Baltimore Magazine

Excellent article

My take on the 2023 Orioles

The 2022 Orioles won 83 games after winning only 52 in 2022. Will they fall back in 2023? Most predictions I have seen predict they will only win in the 70s. I predict they will win 87.

There is a precedent for the Orioles’ big jump.

1988: 54 wins

1989: 87 wins

1990: 75 wins

This time is different. The farm system is much better than it was in 1990. There are lots of players close to being ready for the majors that they can bring up or trade. They will have full seasons of Adley Rutschman and Gunnar Henderson.

I do think they didn’t do enough in the offseason but their minor moves do make the team slightly better.

It will all come down to pitching. Can the bullpen repeat their excellent performance of last year? That will be tough but it’s possible,. I think there will be improvements in the starting pitching especially if Grayson Rodriguez and D L Hall come up and John Means does well whenever he returns.

I am looking forward to the season. I think the Orioles will be good and enjoyable to watch.

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Bobby Bonilla is not the only retired baseball player still getting paid

Bonilla’s contract is famous but he’s not alone.