New tweets with photos of Satchel Paige

The strange Ravens season

The Ravens are 8-4 but not confidence-inspiring. Their remaining schedule is easy but they have struggled, going 2-1 in the last three weeks against losing teams. The Bengals have a tougher schedule but they certainly look better. The Ravens play in Cincinnati in the last week of the season. The Ravens have had many injuries and now Lamar Jackson is hurt.

I think they still make the playoffs but don’t win a game in them. I hope I’m wrong. The defense has been very good lately but the offense just doesn’t do enough.

Lots of strange things this year:

They did not score a TD in the last three games until the fourth quarter

This week, they were only in the red zone twice. Denver never got into the red zone.

This streak ended in the 12th game

Polo Grounds photos from Twitter

I saw the 1962 and 1963 Mets play there. It was the former home of the New York Giants before they moved to San Francisco. I recommend following the Twitter accounts I posted the tweets from to see more cool photos,

More Forbes Field photos from Twitter

The 500 home run club

There are now 28 players in the 500 home run club. I went to a baseball autograph show in Atlantic City in 1989 that had 11 living members of the club which then included 14 players. I have included a photo of a Gateway Stamp Company signed envelope of the event which also includes an autograph from Pete Rose.

I still remember when Eddie Murray hit his 500th home run. I lived a few blocks from the Orioles stadium. I heard him hit it on the radio, then opened my back door to soak up the crowd noise.

Rick Wise threw a no-hitter and hit two home runs in the game

Rick Wise was an excellent hitter for a pitcher and had a fine career. I can’t find it but I recall him saying when he was frustrated with the Phillies, something like you had to pitch a shutout and hit a home run to win there. Then he did it.

SABR Biography

Stanford mascot suspended for holding “Stanford hates fun” sign

Steve Blass’s sudden inability to pitch

Steve Blass was an excellent pitcher for the Pirates in the early 1970s until he suddenly lost the ability to pitch. Roger Angell’s article is excellent.

The term Steve Blass Disease was coined for sudden inexplicable declines by athletes.

Steve Blass’ Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Disease

Philadelphia fans and pole climbing

Tweets about the Polo Grounds

The Polo Grounds was the ballpark where the New York Giants played until they moved to San Francisco. The Mets played there in their first two seasons,1962 and 1963. I went to a game in both years. I remember things about the game but not about the ballpark