Bomb threats against HBCUs

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More right wing attacks on school boards

They oppose CRT which isn’t even taught in their schools. They also oppose masks. They use intimidation instead of debate.

School lunches in Paterson, NJ

I wasd born in Paterson. This looks bad.

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Bad Republican policies are making it worse.

Terrible behavior by anti-mandate people at school board meetings

Signal 30

“Signal 30” is a gruesome 1959 driver’s ed film made by the Highway Safety Foundation. I saw it in driver’s ed class in the late 1960s or early 1970s. I always said it was filmed in red and white.

Here are more similar movies (for anyone who could stand to watch more than one). “Red Asphalt II (1980)”and “Drive and Survive (1977)” are age restricted; you have to watch them on YouTube. I haven’t done it yet.

Update on coronavirus and schools 9/8/20

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