China is winning on solar power while Trump takes us into the past

“Republicans who for years have voted against subsidies for solar and wind power — arguing that the “free market” should decide our energy future — are now eager to have government subsidize coal.”

This column points out that while Trump is trying to take us back into the past with coal, China is moving ahead with solar power.  Government policies have played a big part.


Was 2016 the most winnable election in modern history?

These tweets and the blog post that inspired them discuss the false concept that 2016 was the most winnable election in modern history.

Nate Silver writes: “The background conditions in 2016 (no incumbent, average economy, Democrats in power for 8 years, high partisanship) weren’t particularly favorable to Clinton; instead, most “fundamentals” models from political scientists saw the race as a toss-up.”

Jon Cooper also makes an excellent point about voter suppression.



Demographic shifts and their impact on 2020

This analysis discusses how demographic shifts could affect the 2020 election. It runs through several plausible scenarios.  The column states:

“A new bipartisan report runs through some of the scenarios that would lead to Trump’s reelection or a win for Democrats. The States of Change report, authored by a long list of groups including the Center for American Progress and the Bipartisan Policy Center, suggests there is a long-term structural advantage for the Democratic Party but a much more complicated short-term picture.”