White supremacists pose as Antifa

Trump threatens the use of military force; peaceful protesters are tear gassed

I don’t watch Trump speak but it sounds like he said nothing about the basis of the protests – police murders of African-Americans. There’s no reason for the protesters to stop until something is being done.

I don’t support vandalism and looting. I totally support the peaceful protests. You can make an argument that peaceful protests don’t work. Look where they got Colin Kaepernick – unemployed. Kaepernick was right then and Trump’s talk and actions have only validated his concerns.

Police shootings of African-Americans lead to worse mental health for the community

Trump’s attacks on the press have resulted in physical attacks by police

Trump’s terrible call with governors

He abdicates responsibility

He says nothing (as far as I read) about the real issue of police brutality against African-Americans that caused the protest

He blames the governors

His law and order pitch sounds like Nixon which is not a compliment

Trump should just shut up

Trump has no basis to say this
Trump is only the president of his cult.
They’re a major part of his base