Melania Trump is not the first First Lady who has been mocked and criticized

Remember how they talked about Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama?

Mueller investigation has recovered more money than it has cost

Trump keeps whining and lying about the cost of the Mueller investigation.  It has made money for the government through recovery of unpaid taxes.


More on Trump calling Cohen a “Rat”


Mob boss Trump calls Cohen a “Rat”

Trump speaks like a gangster instead of a president.  That’s because he is a mob boss.


Trump administration plans to roll back water protection rules

Obamacare is more popular than Trump or his tax cut

Obamacare has become more popular since people now appreciate features such as protection for people with pre-existing conditions.  Republicans are going against the public when they try to destroy it.  They also have no replacement plan.  Sad!

The latest GOP assault on Obamacare might boost its popularity even more