Covers: My Old Friend the Blues

Steve Earle released the original version in 1986. I’m putting it here because I like the bluegrass version he did with the Del McCoury band. I found a cover by Percy Sledge who covered other country songs over the years. If you like the Earle/McCoury combination, check out The Mountain (1999) an album of original bluegrass songs written by Earle. There are also other Earle/McCoury videos on YouTube.

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Trump sabotages FDA vaccine guidance

He’s the one making it political. While he is president, I would only take a vaccine if Fauci says to do it. I don’t trust Trump.

I don’t know if this true or Trump made it up
The FDA is in a tough spot. Trump could fire people if they disagree with him.
But Trump’s bleach-swilling cult members would take it.

Trump lies update 9/23/20

a disgusting lie even by Trump’s standards

No justice for Breonna Taylor

What Kentucky did was ridiculous. Support the Louisville Community Bail Fund. I did. See the first tweet below.

Coronavirus science notes 09/23/20

Coronavirus polls update 09/23/20

Trump is trying to prevent people from voting in Pennsylvania

There are issues over “naked” ballots that don’t have an envelope inside the mailing envelope and how long mail ballots will be accepted. This will wind up in courts just like Republican voter suppression efforts in other states.

Trump’s bigotry

He’s a racist and anti-Semitic. I have no idea how Jews can vote for Trump after the “very fine people” comments about Charlottesville neo-Nazis. He also says that Israel is our country. Not true. I am an American.