The majority of Republicans don’t think white supremacists are a serious threat

Republicans have a racism problem and it’s getting worse. The majority of them don’t think white supremacists are a serious threat. Does that mean the majority of Republicans are white supremacists? I hope not but many of them are. The white supremacist problem won’t go away once Trump is gone. He has made it worse but it was here before him and will be here after him.

It’s accurate.

Shell workers had to attend the Trump rally to get paid

Abusive Trump appointee keeps job at State Department

More on climate change 8/17/19

July 2019 was the hottest month ever

Republican Senator Cornyn just says “It’s summer”. We are all paying for Republican unwillingness to do anything about climate change. Sad!

Bill Walton’s wild baseball broadcast

Walton says crazy stuff about baseball, not just basketball. He said Mike Trout was swimming upstream when he hit a home run! It’s obvious his mind is gone from listening to too many Grateful Dead records.

Trump uses presidential events for political speeches

His campaign, not taxpayers, should pay for his travel and events. He almost always injects politics into what should be a non-partisan presidential speech. We can go back to the beginning of his presidency when he did this at the CIA and Boy Scouts appearances. He has not changed and won’t change. I hope he is sued and his campaign has to pay.

The link above takes you a to a good interview with the communications director for the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).