Sarah Sanders asked to leave restaurant

I agree with the restaurant.  The Trump administration spews lies, hatred and bigotry.  They need to see this is not acceptable.  Sanders should not have used her official account to tweet about it.


After the way Trump and his supporters talk about other people, they have no right to complain that others are not civil.

Trump, Jr.


Trump, Jr. and the Roseanne Barr story

Republican manipulate the tax law to their benefit in Nevada

From the article linked to in the tweet below: “The Treasury Department last week reversed itself after lobbying by Nevada Republicans and agreed to let a previously ineligible county reap huge benefits from the new tax law.”


The latest from Florida Man

I love Florida Man on Twitter.  He finds such weird stuff:

Trump’s supporters defend him

Overall, this is an excellent article by the New York Times.  However, even though some Trump supporters express misgivings,  they don’t say anything about his lies and racism.  I don’t know if they were even asked about it.

The article does show how Trump manipulates the media.  He lies all the times so the media appears to be anti-Trump when they report on the lies and provide the facts.