Trump's disgusting retweet of a fake photo

Trump is disgusting. Republicans will just go along with this terrible behavior.

Trump's lie on Obamacare

Trump keeps saying he is defending health care coverage of pre-existing conditions. That’s a lie. Republicans are suing to get rid of the entire Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Trump tells endless lies. Sad!

Gutless Republicans just let him lie. They’ll lie about it in Congressional elections.

Stop putting liars on TV

Trump supporters have to lie in order to defend Trump’s lies. The media should not put liars on TV to spread garbage. I am all for a balanced approach as long as both sides tell the truth. Trump wins when the media reports his endless lies.

Trump lies and lies and lies…

I assume what he says is a lie until I see proof that it’s true. He has no credibility and he has destroyed our country’s credibility. Sad!

Bill Lee

Bill Lee, best known as a Red Sox pitcher, is nicknamed “Spaceman” for his unique personality. His autobiography was titled The Wrong Stuff, (not The Right Stuff). Lee called his manager, Don Zimmer, the gerbil.

Warren Zevon wrote and recorded a song about him in 1980.

Trump supporters won't accept it if he loses in 2020

Trump will only spread polls (real or fake) that show he is ahead. His supporters will not expect a loss and won’t accept it.

from the column: “In Trump’s formulation, it is simply impossible for Democrats to win fairly. He has warned that if he is turned out of office through impeachment, the result will be a violent revolt by his supporters — and he is most definitely not saying they’re the ones who would be in the wrong.”

American consumers and businesses, not China, are paying for Trump's tariffs