The Zervos defamation suit will proceed

Bad news for Trump!

The 2020 Census citizenship question will go to the Supreme Court

Trump doesn’t think white nationalism is a big threat. He can’t offend his base.

Trump ignores the problem of white nationalist terrorism because he’s a white supremacist and many members of his base are too. He has encouraged violence and downplayed the threat of terrorists who are inspired by his bigotry. He offered sympathy to New Zealand but didn’t say the word Muslim. Trump’s rhetoric has encouraged anti-Muslim bigotry worldwide.

This is like “very fine people” after Charlottesville. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to deal with the problem and in fact is making it worse. I am much more concerned about white supremacist terrorists than I am about ISIS or immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

There is no bottom with Trump

He keeps attacking the late John McCain.

You never know what Bill Walton will say

Walton was one of the best college basketball players ever but he’s not as good as a commentator. He is entertaining though because he says such weird things. My guess is too many Grateful Dead concerts and too much LSD.

Last night, the other announcer, Dave Pasch noted that Arizona State coach Hurley had coached at Buffalo which was now doing well under coach Oates. Walton asked him if it was spelled with an “e”. Pasch wanted to know why. Walton said he had never heard of him and was going to look him up. Pasch said something like “I’ll pretend you didn’t say that”.

Here are some Walton lines:

New Zealand will ban semi-automatic weapons

I wish the US was like New Zealand. They have one big mass shooting and they do something. We have many mass shootings and do nothing at the federal level except ban bump stocks. I guess New Zealand doesn’t have the equivalent of the NRA here which spends millions on Republicans to prevent gun safety laws. There is public support but Republicans listen to their donors instead of voters. Republican lawmakers prefer thoughts and prayers to action.