Republicans are big on states’ rights….except when it comes to marijuana.  Attorney General Sessions will rescind an Obama-era policy which had let states set marijuana policies even though pot was not legal under federal law.  Now, Sessions will leave it up to federal prosecutors to decide whether to enforce the federal law in states where marijuana is legal.

This is in conflict with the opinions of the American public.

“Seventy-one percent oppose the federal government’s efforts to stop marijuana sales and its use in states that have legalized it, including opposition from most Republicans, Democrats, and independents. “ according to a CBS poll.

Support for legal marijuana is at a record high – 64%.  Even 51% of Republicans favor legalization.   This could hurt Republicans in the 2018 elections.

Republican Senator Gardner from Colorado is not happy. Millenials may also disapprove of this decision.

This is also an issue of criminal justice reform.

Just another bad decision by the Trump administration.  Sad!


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