Walker Evans and the Farm Security Administration (FSA)

Walker Evans was a great photographer who worked for the federal FSA during the depression.  His FSA pictures, along with those by the other FSA photographers, are available from the Library of Congress as downloads or prints.

I have a copy of “Frame Houses and a Billboard, Atlanta, Georgia” from 1936 which features a movie poster for Love Before Breakfast.  I had assumed for decades that the Carole Lombard’s black eye was graffiti and not part of the original poster.  I was surprised when I finally saw the film and she did get a black eye in it.

More information on the picture is here.   Love Before Breakfast is part of Carole Lombard: The Glamour Collection.

There are many articles and books on the FSA photographers and their work such as this.  The Library of Congress collection is here.

Depression Era Photos (@USHistoryPhotos on Twitter) post pictures

Update 4/10/18:  videos on Evans

Museum of Modern Art exhibit

Evans in his own words

update 9/18/18

I think this is an FSA photo:

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