Baltimore’s population is falling

New census estimates show that Baltimore’s population fell by more than 5,300 people last year.

Baltimore’s political clout in the state of Maryland has been declining for decades as the population has declined.  In the old days, the governor and possibly both US Senators were from Baltimore.  Not anymore.

What really concerns me is that there are whole generations who live in the suburbs that do not have connections to Baltimore.  All they know is Orioles and Ravens games and the bad news that is emphasized on television.

Many of their parents were either born here or had parents lived in the city.  That’s not true for the young people.  In addition, other parts of the state now have more political power. This will show up in less funding and prosperity for the city.  For example, Governor Hogan, who has little concern for the city, canceled the Red Line which would have been beneficial for city residents.

In 1950, Baltimore’s population was 40.5% of the state’s population.  In 2014, Baltimore population was estimated at 10.4% of the state’s population.

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