Covers: Sitting on Top of the World

I first heard “Sitting on Top of the World” on Cream’s 1968 album Wheels of Fire.  The original 1930 version was by the Mississippi Sheiks.  Howlin’ Wolf covered it in 1957 in a jazzy arrangement.

The Cream version credited Howlin’ Wolf as the author so his version is clearly their inspiration.  I prefer the live version they released in 1969 on Goodbye.  To me, the studio version is too slow and unemotional compared to the live one.

Among many other covers is one by Bob Dylan on his 1992 album Good As I Been to You.  The Mississippi Sheiks would have been his source since he recorded other songs by them.  It is not on YouTube. Taj Mahal’s version on 1993’s Dancing the Blues is more like Howlin’ Wolf’s.


Mississippi Sheiks

Howlin’ Wolf

Cream (studio)

Cream (live)

Taj Mahal

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