Kennedy will determine the future of the Supreme Court

This column is over a year old (and before the Gorsuch appointment) but still makes sense.

From the essay: ” What’s more, a highly conservative first pick by Trump would offer an inauspicious signal for what might come next. The last three Republican presidents have all started with more moderate selections (Sandra Day O’Connor for Reagan, David Souter for President George H.W. Bush and John G. Roberts Jr. for President George W. Bush) and then moved to the right with their second picks (Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, respectively). If Trump begins with a far-right conservative such as Pryor or Gorsuch, what might his second nominee look like? Definitely not like Kennedy.”

I certainly assume Trump would appoint an extreme conservative which will result in Democrats appointing extreme liberals when they get their chance in the future.

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