Spectrum Pop Festival 1969

The first concert I attended was the Spectrum Pop Festival in 1969.  I saw the Friday night show.  I went primarily to see the Mothers of Invention and Ten Years After but was most impressed by Sly and the Family Stone.  I saw them again at the Spectrum in 1971 (when Sly was still showing up on time or close).  They were so loud, they made the built-in hockey rink at the Spectrum vibrate!  The Jeff Beck Group must have included Rod Stewart then but I don’t remember him.  Savoy Brown didn’t show up.  Sets were about a half-hour with about another half hour in between performers.

For me, the highlights of the Woodstock film were Sly, Ten Years After, and Santana.  I was glad I got to see two of them in person just a few weeks earlier.

Link to the list of artists

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