Musical tastes are formed in early adolescence

This article is about research that shows that people prefer the music that was popular when they were young.

The article states: “Songs that came out decades earlier are now, on average, most popular among men who were 14 when they were first released. The most important period for men in forming their adult tastes were the ages 13 to 16.

What about women? On average, their favorite songs came out when they were 13. The most important period for women were the ages 11 to 14.”

It also states “For both men and women, their early 20s were half as influential in determining adult musical tastes as their early teens.”

This certainly applies to me.   My all-time favorite music is from the 1960s – Dylan, Stones, Beatles, Mothers of Invention, etc.

If I thought a song sucked then, I probably still do.  I have expanded my taste and gone back to listen to stuff I ignored like James Brown, Professor Longhair, James Carr, Big Star, and Ann Peebles.  I am also knowledgeable now about blues, country, and folk music going back to the 1920s.  I thank the great CD reissues for making this music available.

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