Blobfest photos from 2013 and 2015

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Have you seen the 1958 science fiction film The Blob?  It was filmed near Philadelphia.  The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville is in the film during a scene in which the blob invades the theater and patrons rush out onto the street.

Now, the theater sponsors an annual Blobfest which will be held on July 13-15.  I have been to three of them.  It is great to be in the theater and watch the same place on the screen as the blob oozes out of the projection booth.  They show The Blob as part of a double feature with a similar film.

They always have guests.  This year, they will have Keith Almoney who plays the young brother of Steve McQueen’s girl friend in the film.  He is now old and large and looked like a late-model Jerry Garcia when I saw him a few years ago.

They will also have Ricou Browning who played the creature when it was underwater in Creature from the Black Lagoon which will be shown on July 14th.

The re-creation of the runout always sells out.  Here’s what an last year’s looked like.

Blobfest schedule

Self-Guided tour to Blob locations


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