John Prine

Here’s a new interview with John Prine

Prine is one of America’s greatest singer-songwriters.  If don’t know his music, start with his first album, John Prine.

Try “Angel From Montgomery” or “Hello in There”.

I think his second album, Diamonds in the Rough is much better musically – less country backup, more folk music with great performers like Steve Goodman and David Bromberg.  However, the songs are not as good except for “Everybody”, a humorous song about meeting Jesus.

He has made many other albums and they are worth searching out.

I have seen him perform about three or four times.  My favorite was a show with Steve Goodman in the late 1970s where they each performed solo with an acoustic guitar.  For an encore, they did about five Hank Williams songs together.  I still recall that they did “Setting’ the Woods on Fire” which was not one of his best-known songs then.

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