Covers: Sail On, Sailor

“Sail On, Sailor” is a Beach Boys song from their 1973 album Holland. It’s a great song, harking back to their preoccupation with water during surfing days but much more complex. I saw the Beach Boys in concert in 1974. The opening act was Steely Dan! The audience didn’t want to hear their newer material. All they wanted was oldies like “California Girls”. It must have been discouraging for the band.

This message board post discusses the long and complex history of the song’s composition.

Van Dyke Parks, one of the song’s five author’s recently posted a link to a version by The Beach Boys and Ray Charles.

from 1973
Chaplin was the lead vocalist on the original Beach Boys version.
another version with the different lyrics

from the upcoming Los Lobos album to be released in July 2021:

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