Covers: I’m Leaving It Up to You

“I’m Leaving It Up to You” was originally written and performed by Don & Dewey in 1957. Their version is a lot rougher (and, to me, better) than the later more popular recordings. I first heard their version on a Specialty Records anthology. Dale & Grace had a #1 hit with it in 1963 and Donny and Marie had a hit version in 1974. Both versions smoothed out the rough edges with strings in the background which is very unlike the Don & Dewey original. Most of the covers have a strong country influence not there in the original. I like the one by Roddy Romero and Yvette Landry who I had not heard of before finding this on YouTube.

Don was Don “Sugarcane” Harris who later played with Frank Zappa and John Mayall. He sure wasn’t like the Osmonds!

This has Don Sugarcane Harris on lead vocal and violin. It’s a Little Richard cover I already posted.

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