Ronald Reagan and Grover Cleveland Alexander

Ronald Reagan played Hall of Fame pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander in the 1952 film The Winning Team. TCM will broadcast it on March 16 at 6:30 am. I’ve never seen it and I’m going to record it.

Apparently, Reagan confused Alexander with Grover Cleveland who the pitcher was named after.

Grover Cleveland Birthplace Memorial Association has this in their article on baseball:

The Speaker pointed out that a desk the new President was using belonged to Grover Cleveland.  O’Neill wrote that Reagan was thrilled and stated, “Hey, Grover Cleveland!  I played him in the movies!”.  Reagan was referring to Grover Cleveland Alexander in 1952’s The Winning Team.  O’ Neill stated, “No, no, Mr. President.  You played Grover Cleveland Alexander, the baseball player”. 

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