A collection of official James Brown videos

I was not a James Brown fan in the 1960s and 1970s. In the mid-1980s when I got a CD player, it was hard to find CDs to buy so I tried The CD of JB because I had read a favorable review of it. It was great. After that, there was a flood of excellent James Brown reissues and I bought most of them. I finally got to see him in concert in 1993. I’m sure it wasn’t as good a show as I would have seen 20 years earlier but it was still great. It was anachronistic – he had a big band and mostly played old songs but they were classics.

Brown is one of the most influential artists ever. I think he has more to do with today’s music than the Beatles, Stones, or Dylan.

I have added some official Brown videos from YouTube

This poster was for the 4 CD box set Star Time

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