Films I would like to see added to the Criterion Collection

The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek – directed by Preston Sturges. I think it’s his best film. It’s never been on Blu-ray and the DVD is out of print

Une Femme Douce/Four Nights of a Dreamer/Lancelot du Lac – Directed by Robert Bresson. Bresson’s first three color films. Only Lancelot was ever on a US DVD which is out of print. Une Femme Douce was on VHS. The films have been restored and circulated in the US around 10 years ago.

Nazarin/El – directed by Luis Bunuel. Two of his 1950s Mexican films that have never been on US discs.

Viva Riva – an excellent crime drama from the Congo

Rabies/Big Bad Wolves – directed by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado- two fine Israeli films that are gruesome. Big Bad Wolves is also darkly funny.

Films by Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia

I will add more

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