Killer crocodile and alligator films

I’ve been watching lots of horror films during the pandemic. They just seem appropriate. Here’s a list of 17 crocodile and alligator films. I’ve seen Killer Crocodile and Killer Crocodile 2. They’re sleazy Italian films, kind of mindless fun.

The 2019 film Crawl is much better and is actually a good film. People are trapped in a confined area and try to avoid the killer alligators. It is violent, suspenseful, and has believable special effects.

Update 2/26/22 I recently watched Alligator (1980) a very entertaining film about a giant alligator who kills people. It was written by John Sayles who used his money to finance his own films. Shout Factory just issued a 4k/Blu-ray set.

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