Time to get better masks – sources

There are three types of masks that are considered to be better than the disposable 3 and 4 ply masks:



The 3 and 4 ply masks are supposed to be better than cloth masks.  I have seen articles recommending not to wear cloth masks before.
N95 is considered to be the best.  I only tried one once. It was not easy to breathe and I didn’t like the straps that went around my head. KN95s look similar but have ear straps. I wore a KF94 yesterday and it was comfortable.

This is a good source of all kinds of PPE.  I haven’t ordered from them but they get praise in the articles.

Project N95 – The National Clearinghouse for personal protective equipment and COVID-19 tests.

Two US companies I have ordered from with high quality and higher prices are:

Art-Inspired Clothes, Accessories, Face Masks & Decor | VIDA (shopvida.com)

Private Stock Labs – Privatestocklabs

Private Stock has faster shipping.  Amazon has fast shipping and lower prices but I have read they have fakes as well as real stuff.

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