I watched two films directed by George Franju

I recently watched two films directed by George Franju: Eyes Without a Face (1960) and Spotlight on a Murderer (1961). Both are in French (with subtitles on the Blu-ray discs) and black and white.

These are both excellent films.

Eyes Without a Face is about a woman whose face (except her eyes) was damaged in an accident caused by her father, a doctor. He tries to replace her face with skin from people he murders.

Spotlight on a Murderer is about a count who dies but whose body is missing. His heirs can’t get his money for five years since there is no corpse. The film turns into a clever and fascinating murder mystery as heirs turn up dead.

The Blu-ray discs from Criterion (Eyes) and Arrow (Spotlight) are excellent with fine video transfers. Franju has been forgotten compared to his peers but he made several fine films.

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