Four Warner Archive Blu-rays

I recently watched four Warner Archive Blu-rays from the 1940s. They are much better than Warner Archive DVDs which are DVD-Rs and don’t have subtitles or extras unless they are a re-release of a prior Warner DVD. They could all be described as film noirs. None are classics but they are worth a look.

I have previously posted about The Window (1949).

Then there are are two films where the lead actor played a role which was not like their usual one. Lawrence Tierney usually was a bad guy and Robert Young was generally a good guy.

In They Won’t Believe Me (1947) Young plays a slimeball who cheats on his wife and mistreats his girlfriends. Ultimately, he is tried for a murder he didn’t commit but set himself up to be charged for. Young is best known for TV shows Marcus Welby, MD and Father Knows Best. The female leads, Jane Greer, Susan Hayward, and Rita Johnson are outstanding (and much more believable than Young). Warner Archive has restored the film from 80 minutes to its full 95 minutes and the disc looks great.

Step By Step (1946) stars Lawrence Tierney and Anne Jeffreys. Tierney is best known for Dillinger and Born To Kill where he played bad guys but here is on the right side trying to solve an espionage crime. As usual, Warner Archive has done a great job.

I Wouldn’t Be in Your Shoes (1948) is about a man falsely accused of murder (like characters in the other two films above). This film has also been given a fine transfer to disc.

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