Two Batman films – 1966 and 2022

I recently watched the newest Batman film (2022) and the earliest one (1966). (There were two serials in the 1940s.)

The Batman (2022) reminded me of the Christopher Nolan Batman films – dark and gloomy. No sunshine and lots of rain. It left lots of room for a sequel. My favorite scene was a confrontation in jail between Batman and the Riddler – no CGI or action, just fine acting.

The 1966 Batman: The Movie was released in-between seasons one and two of the TV show which was very popular but only briefly. It was even on twice a week. I had never bought superhero comics but I did after watching the show.

It’s much lighter than any of the subsequent Batman films. It’s just good, clean, campy 1960s fun. The villains are especially outrageous.

We had a black and white TV back then so this was the first time I had seen Batman, Robin and the villains in color (and except for Batman, the colors are very bright). The supplements on the Blu-ray have interviews worth seeing.

In this scene, Batman is bitten by a shark while from a helicopter. Robin has to leave the copter to give him the anti-shark spray. Who’s flying the helicopter while Robin is on the ladder? They don’t answer that.

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